About Us

A Market Leader

Spitfire Bespoke Homes is an award-winning housebuilder with an aim to be the leading niche housebuilder in the UK, creating desirable developments in sustainable locations.

We are passionate about design and quality of construction, with our bespoke approach resulting in beautifully crafted homes with a real sense of individuality. As a business, we have a wealth of skills, experience and creative flair to not just make houses but homes for communities.

A Long Term Partner

Spitfire aren’t like other developers. We don’t achieve planning permission and hand over responsibility to a large builder. We design, plan, build and sell all our homes so we are part of the community for the long term and understand every stage of the process.

Not only is it in our interest to build quality homes, that people want to live in, we also understand the need to listen to the community and build positive relationships with our neighbours. That’s why, across the country, residents welcome Spitfire as a developer and partner of choice.

Continued Investment in Binfield

Spitfire Bespoke Homes has already achieved planning permission for a new residential development in Binfield – “Jardin”, Knox Green; developed from what used to be the kitchen garden for Binfield House.

A collection of 24 unique homes, this scheme epitomises the quality of our developments which always seek to compliment the local area. Jardin is influenced by Binfield House itself, combining classic architecture with contemporary interiors.

Our proposals for the Wyevale Garden Centre site will reflect the quality already being delivered at Jardin and continue Spitfire’s role as a long-term investor in the area.