The Site

An Ideal Location

The development site is located to the east of Binfield village on Forest Road, currently a garden centre it is an ideal location for new homes to tackle the area’s housing shortage. As Wyevale will be disposing of the garden centre in 2019, there is now an opportunity to make best use of the site in the future.

Constraints Map

As a previously developed, brownfield site, our proposals will not result on any encroachment on existing green space around Binfield and will contribute to the vibrancy of Binfield without detracting from its surroundings. The proposed development is also outside the identified flood zone, which has been outlined on the constraints map included on this page.

In designing the layout we have given careful consideration to the natural constraints of the site and the wider opportunities presented by development. For example, as well as creating new areas of public open space Spitfire will be retaining existing high-quality trees and introducing wildlife and biodiversity boundaries which will help with the transfer between areas of hard standing and green space. This will vastly improve the site’s ‘green’ credentials and provide a boost to local wildlife.

Opportunities Map

In addition, we are currently proposing to utilise the site’s existing access point on Forest Road, which will minimise any disruption for residents and ensure a smooth evolution of the site from a garden centre to residential use.